Having been in in the cutting tools market since 1975, when Mr. Edson Martins was invited by Brassinter to manage their branch in Rio de Janeiro. He consistently surpassed his sales goals and in 1983 he founded Reata Representações, the sole dealer for Brassinter in the States of Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo. In 1984, with a strong market presence in these states, he founded Vendwidia, which would become the sole distributer for Brassinter products in those regions.

In the 90s, given the major influx of imported products in Brazil, he formed a partnership with Korea Tungsten, industry with strong operation in cutting tools and industrial products line. As a result of this partnership, he became the representative for the whole range of Tungsten Carbide Rolls and composite rolls in Brazil. With plenty of hard work and much support from Korea Tungsten, he made his first sale of Tungsten Carbide Rolls to Cosigua, in Rio de Janeiro, in 1992. From then on, the sales never stopped. In 2009, nearly 20 years past of a successful partnership, reached second place in sales growth percentage amongst all representatives of Taegutec in this area – name changed to in 1998 after being bought by the IMC group.

Besides representative of Taegutec Ltd of carbide and composite rolls in Brazil, ICD-Reata is also distributor of cutting tools in the States of Bahia, Sergipe e Alagoas.